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What is Nutrition Coaching? Is it Right for Me?

C.R. Says...

“You will love it! I’ve steadily lost weight, eaten REAL food… OMGOODNESS, and it’s so good, my family eats with me, which is the idea…. And I feel like ME again, not like me ostracized or alienated from eating with everyone! (Kind-of like I thought it might/would be, at least at first)…. I’m lovin’ it!”

Meet Patricia

Certified Nutrition Coach & Owner of My Bariatric Kitchen / Living Healthy Nutrition

Patricia is a 25-year career educator, former caterer, and amateur chef who had a VSG on 7/21/2016. Inspired by her own quest to lead a healthier life, she took it upon herself to learn all that she could about nutrition and how it now relates to her new tool. Drawing upon her post-graduate degrees in science and education, she enrolled in classes, became a certified nutrition coach, created a Facebook recipe and support group, and launched a health and wellness coaching business that specializes in weight loss and healthy living for clients and their families. She teaches multiple online classes on a variety of topics related to health and wellness, provides 1:1 coaching both online and in person, and travels to host and/or present at Bariatric conferences around the country. Patricia’s meal plans focus on healthy balanced macronutrients for both men and women, taking into consideration the needs of the family and the challenges of our hectic lifestyles.

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M.O Says…

“Omg! The green beans are so yummy!!! I can not wait to eat dinner tonight. The menu plan for the 7-day reset is absolutely yummy! It’s been 4 days, I haven’t had such good bowel movements since surgery!!!”

P.D. Says…

“I just finished Patricia Hill’s 7-day reset and ate meatloaf, chicken salad, tacos, overnight oats, protein balls, and the list goes on and on. AND I LOST 4.4 lbs.!! Oh yes, I did! AND ATE REAL (and really good) FOOD. ”

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