During my recent trip to Alberta, Canada, to work on My Bariatric Kitchen, I didn’t realize how much I’ve neglected myself since starting this business — until I was forced to do something completely selfish. I was forced to relax — to go to a spa — to put the computer away. And you know what? Things didn’t fall apart.

I didn’t realize until I was forced to take care of ME — how much I’ve neglected myself in the past year since starting this business. So, at the end of my retreat, I booked a house in a nearby town, shopped for food that I wanted, and I escaped… or so I thought.

My mind was filled… constantly — with family — business — family — business… I couldn’t turn it off. Where was the ME in this?!??!


My family needs me… to control the chaos, to bridge the gaps, to be the glue that keeps us all together and grounded. And I love that.

My business needs me… to be the leader, the guide, the mentor, the inspiration, the accountability,  the motivator, and the “kick in the pants” when that’s needed too. And I love that, too!

So often we, as bariatric patients, say this is the first thing we’ve ever done completely and totally selfishly — for ourselves. For many of us, it is. And I’m no different.  But, today made me realize something that I was missing…

  • I traveled alone to a foreign country.
  • I spent 48 INTENSE hours focused 100% on My Bariatric Kitchen and how I can help — elevate — support — guide — mentor — lead YOU!
  • I rented a car and drove all over kingdom come.
  • I ventured out on my own through miles and miles and miles of mountains.
  • I hiked 2 miles to a waterfall.
  • I conquered self-doubt.
  • I exceeded my own expectations and limitations.
  • I focused 100% on what I wanted to do.

At one point today, I lost my cell reception. No maps. No Waze. No directions. The old me would have completely freaked out. But I didn’t… because I knew my destination. And I just knew, if I followed my instincts, I’d make it there.

And I did.

But what shocked me — is that I thought all of this was a first time experience — but it wasn’t. Yes, it was spectacular and so so needed… but I’d done this before.

I followed my instincts and found a way to meet my weight loss and health goals.

And, I followed my instincts and found a coach to help me meet my business goals.

Today made me realize that I need to listen to myself a bit more, to follow my instincts.  Doing that will help me take care of business — and that means ME, my FAMILY, and YOU.

What are your instincts telling you to do and how can I help you?