We are all here because we bit the bullet and had surgery to lose weight. We have a tool to help us… and during the first year, it works pretty well… almost too well! And as a result, many of us don’t take the time to put in the WORK to LEARN how to use the tool for life.

So, I ask you… especially those of you who have never hit your goal or who have regained… Do you REALLY know how to get the most benefit from your tool?

I do. This is my area of expertise. And if you allow me… I can teach you how to HIT your goals and STAY there.

Nutrition is critical – in fact, it’s the COMPASS of your entire journey. It’s what will keep you on your path to success.

#truthbomb – A compass will only guide you to your destination if your navigation is on-point.

What? You mean I can’t just eat less of what I always ate and still lose weight? That’s what my tool does, right? I’m full after 5 bites, so what’s the harm in a few bites of cake?

Ummm… no.

Yes, you will lose weight in the SHORT TERM – intake restrictions will see to that. But over time, you WILL be able to eat more… and eating less does not mean you are eating healthy.

Yes, you can eat a few bites of bread, or take a few sips of that soda, or nibble on that candy bar and it probably won’t hurt you… today. But I’m here to tell you, that one bite, one sip, one nibble will become a whole piece, a whole glass, a whole bar in a very short time. Is this a HABIT you want to give power to or continue? Or do you want to set yourself up for LONG TERM SUCCESS and never have to DIET again?

Focus on your nutrition and choose healthy foods, in the right portions, and in the right macro/caloric balances, and you will lose weight.

The best part is that if you truly FOCUS on the COMPASS, these nutritional goals, you will create HABITS. Habits lead to change. Change means you have a better chance of not going back to where you were before.

So, how will you NAVIGATE? Will you follow the compass or leave your journey up to chance?

I ask again… Do you REALLY know how to get the most benefit from your tool?

Again, I do.

Work with me. I am your COMPASS and I will guide you to your destination!

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