I’m sitting here this morning staring at my calendar and for a few brief moments, I began to panic a bit.

I have SO MUCH to do in the next few weeks. Like an INSANE amount of work. I have to develop a dozen+ new recipes, create 16 complete meal plans, call 100+ clients, host 6 live calls, answer a bazillion messages, design the label for my protein powder, conduct sessions with my 4 VIP clients, and produce the content for the first month of my Bariatric Living class for my ELITE clients who are in maintenance. This doesn’t include recording 4 podcast sessions, my Two Minute Tip segments, or Nutrition Tip Tuesday posts. This also doesn’t include developing the information posts, motivational posts, etc. for My Bariatric Kitchen. Oh… and I have to take my daughter’s psycho cat to the vet since she’s filming The Resident and can’t take off… love her (and the cat)… but oof. And SOMEWHERE in the midst of all this I have to exercise, care for my standard poodle puppy, Xander, AND have a tiny bit of a social life.


Then I looked up at the kitchen… and I remembered what I did yesterday. I had a business event from Thursday to Monday and didn’t get to do my normal meal planning and prepping on Sunday, so I did it yesterday. I planned my meals on Monday and did my shopping. Then, I took 6 hours yesterday to cook everything I need for the week. Because I develop new recipes for my clients, sometimes my meal prep takes a bit longer… but normally I only take 2-3 hours for a week!

I have protein balls, Morning Glory Baked Steel Cut Oats, Italian 15 Bean Soup, Cajun Chicken Sheet Pan Supper, and a Savory Kale and Kielbasa Saute. AND because I share food with some friends (because I can’t eat all that I cook for recipe development), I also have several vegetarian dishes… a breakfast casserole, a pasta bake (protein pasta), and a Thai Coconut Milk Soup w/ mushrooms and tofu.

I have every single meal I need for the next week… DONE. I have taken time to set myself up for success. Because my nutrition is so important, I literally schedule time to…

  • create a meal plan that has perfectly balanced macros in a caloric range that meets my needs.
  • do the shopping based on my meal plan. And folks, let me just share that all the food listed above cost less than $130 for the week and I’m feeding 3 adults!
  • cook the food I planned and purchased.

I may not be ready to tackle all the things on my crazy busy to-do-list… but I know with 100% certainty that my nutrition will be ON POINT.

And some amazing things happen when you fuel your body with HEALTHY NUTRIENT DENSE FOODS!

  1. You maintain normal healthy body function, including better learning, proper balance and pH in the body tissues, stabilizing and regulating body systems like blood pressure, rebuilding tissues, and maintaining proper blood sugar levels.
  2. You maintain or OBTAIN a healthy weight. Not only does eating healthy keep your weight down, but it also reduces the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and abnormal blood pressure.
  3. You can prevent disease by consuming a variety of fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains that are low in trans and saturated fat. Balanced eating reduces the risk of getting sick and developing chronic diseases such as cardiovascular and diabetes.
  4. You can not only affect your body and its functions but your mind as well. Vitamins play a role in the operation of neurotransmitters and deficiencies that can lead to depression and mood disorders. Good nutrition can also boost your energy level, which then, in turn, can help you carry out your daily routine with ease, ultimately resulting in a better mood – so eat good food!
  5. You provide stress relief! Similar to the impact vitamins have on your mood, proper nutrition can also provide stress relief by reducing the side effects of medication, boosting the immune system, and can help you maintain calming and coping abilities.

So here’s the deal. If I can do this… I know with absolute certainty that YOU can do this. Stop with the excuses… we ALL have crazy busy lives… but unless you make your nutritional needs a priority… no. one. else. will. #TRUTHBOMB

I can teach you how. I can talk to you about how I have handled my own journey and let me tell you… it has been ROUGH at times. I can share tips, tricks, and let you learn from my experiences. I promise… I can help you.

Are you ready? Message me… Let’s do this!