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Learn How To Eat Healthy Without Changing Your Busy Lifestyle

Today, more than ever, our calendars are filled to the brim with activities, appointments, and commitments. Then let’s throw our family’s schedules in on top of all that and holy wow… where did the week go? Where in all of this craziness do you have time to sit for 4-5 hours a week and plan out what you are going to eat each day… keeping on track to meet your own nutritional goals as well as making sure your family is well fed too? Well… if you are like many… you don’t… and you find yourself struggling.

In order to meet the needs of all of our members, we’ve developed a subscription that includes multiple different options/programs for healthy/bariatric weight-loss and FIVE different plans to help meet your goals! Our philosophy is that we are going to cook healthy delicious meals for our family that we can eat too! Gone are the days of being a short-order cook… and in comes healthier families!

MBK Monthly: Choosing Success meal plan subscription will help you meet your own needs through nutrition, mental wellness, and fitness… and help you feed your family healthy delicious meals too!


Balanced Macros (family dinners) or Simply Balanced (for singles) is based on 1000 calories, 40%
protein, 35% high fiber carbs (fruits, veggies, whole grains), and 25% fats. This plan is closely based
on the Dietary Reference Intakes put forth by the Food and Nutrition Board and the Institute
of Medicine. It’s a very healthy balance of macros that allows for higher (high fiber) carbs
and low fats, while still hitting protein goals.

Balanced Keto (family dinners) or Simply Keto (for singles) is based on 1200 calories, 60% fats,
25% protein, and 15% high fiber carbs and works well for those with PCOS, Hashimotos,
Type 2 Diabetes, insulin resistance, or for those that have carb or sugar addictions. This
a “lite” version of traditional keto and one that ensures that bariatric patients still get the
required level of proteins and enough carbs for proper body and brain function.

Simply Healthy is a hybrid plan designed for a single person that is based on the generic weight loss recommendations of multiple surgeons for those patients who don’t want to be as regimented as Balanced Macros or Balanced Keto. It’s based on 1000 calories, 40% protein, 30% high fiber carbohydrates, and 30% healthy fats. This plan specifically requires less prepping and incorporates
more ready-to-cook grocery items and/or very simple recipes with 8 or fewer main ingredients,
and uses meals more than once or turns a meal into a different meal.




Join one or more of EIGHT different
Virtual Support Group sessions for
on the spot coaching!

Watch for Kristin Lloyd Moussa each Monday! LIVE/ Video recorded mindset coaching sessions filled with tips for working through the mental and emotional issues holding you back!

Join our fitness expert, Natalie Heckert, for weekly fitness sessions designed to accommodate all levels of mobility!


Monthly/Ongoing eCourses taught through posts & videos! Join us for Bariatric Basics, Customizing Meal Plans, Habits, and more!

What do you want to learn? Have questions and want real-time answers? Join us for our monthly scheduled FB Live sessions! Request topics as well!

Believe you can’t cook? Worry no more! Join Patricia for scheduled cooking
demos, classes, and meal prepping videos.


Monthly challenges that will help you create new HEALTHY HABITS! Water, fitness, tracking, and more… and designed to help you achieve your goals!

Buddy up with another member for accountability, support, and more! Please Note: This is a volunteer program, and won’t be monitored by admin.

Bringing in experts for fields that are not our expertise! Want to know more about a field or topic? Let us know and we’ll get it scheduled!

I’m proof that the meal plans, recipes, and following balanced macros works. Down 25 lbs since March 14th. That’s 12 1/2 lbs per month. I’ll take it! Feeling great! Eating greater! I don’t feel deprived at all eating my 3 meals & 3 snacks a day. Loving life! I had initially lost 180 lbs but gained back 50 lbs from eating poorly. Got my “you know what” together & started following Patricia’s advice. Life is fantastic! I’m gonna get the rest of my pounds off.


I had my 1st appt with the nut today (along w/ the exercise person & the psychologist) & she was impressed that I had lost 20lbs using this meal plan & also how good I was doing with tracking it all on the Loseit app. I was amazed that I had actually maintained the weight loss within the month & not gained any back. I’d like to lose at least another 30lbs before surgery & feel that it can be accomplished if I keep following the plan & start exercising more. Thanks!


MBK Monthly: Choosing Success Membership

Take charge of your journey to health with your auto-renewing subscription!

What you’ll get with your membership:


Meal plans include a grocery list and all recipes

  • Balanced Macros
  • Simply Balanced
  • Balanced Keto
  • Simply Keto
  • Simply Healthy (coming July 1, 2022)

Mindset Monday Sessions w/ Dr. Kristin Lloyd

Workout Wednesday Sessions w/ Natalie Heckert


Unlimited Online Support
during business hours

Success Challenges


Coaching and support at your fingertips


  • Bariatric Basics ($149.00 value)
  • Customizing Meal Plans
  • Habits
  • Balanced Living

Sugar Detox

Cooking Classes & Demos



Four Full Food KickStart Plans developed for both Balanced Macros & Balanced Keto ($14.99 value)

Free access to LHN Success ($29.97 to $95.88 value)

per month

($15 savings per quarter)

($60 savings per year)

BONUS: TWO 1:1 Power Calls each month!