Over the past few weeks, something has been really bothering me. No… bothering is not the right word. Worrying? Upsetting? Troubling? Concerning?

Yes. Concerning me.

For most of us, we have spent a great majority of our life obese. We’ve tried every DIET known to mankind and we’ve FAILED. That’s why we are here. When we make the decision to go all in… to surgically alter our body for LIFE… we make the decision to change. To finally take control of our health and our nutrition. Right?

Then why do so many of us still treat our post-op weight loss journey like we are on a DIET? Didn’t we have surgery to NEVER have to DIET again?

I know I did.

But post after post, call after call, I see and hear from people who are still in the DIET mindset. Or even worse, they are slinging money at every fad that comes across the internet or television for a quick fix.


Diet pills, liquid resets, detoxes, fasts, all gimmicks that give a false sense of success. Because, and correct me if I’m wrong, they are almost always a temporary fix. Sure, you may have short-term success… but how many of these did you do in the past and failed with? Why do you expect this time to be any different?

Albert Einstein said it best… The definition of INSANITY is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.


Do diet pills TEACH you how to eat correctly? Do liquid resets help you CHANGE your HABITS?

Put in the WORK. Invest in your HEALTH instead of investing in a gimmick that you will almost certainly fail with.

Not sure where to start? I know.

Not sure where to go? I know.

Not sure what nutrition plan is best for your body? I know.

I KNOW! Not only have I been there, done that, but I FREAKING SUCCEEDED!

Am I perfect? Hell no. Did I experience regain due to the end of a failed marriage? Yep. I’m human. But guess what? I also knew what I needed to do to lose the regain and I did. I have spent hundreds, possibly thousands, of hours since I had my own surgery gaining certifications and learning how to do this right. And because I’m a teacher at heart… I want to teach you too.

But Patricia… it’s so hard and I simply don’t have time. Well… pardon me while I don’t sugar coat this… until you are ready to make YOUR HEALTH A PRIORITY... you will continue to struggle and will most likely FAIL (not my statistic… but an industry norm of 50+% failure due to regain or never hitting goal).

I can help to make it easy. Heck, I do everything but grocery shop and cook the food for you!

So what’s your excuse now? 

Ready to stop sabotaging your success and get serious? Message me. Let’s do this together!