Do you ever just get in the car and drive? Like just put your foot on the pedal and let the car take you away — making arbitrary decisions as to where to turn? I do… sometimes… just because there’s a WHOLE WORLD out there that if you don’t take the less beaten path, you’ll never experience. I have found some of the most amazing treasures this way, met some of the most amazing people, and made some of the most amazing memories.

Crazy enough, this is how many bariatric patients look at their weight loss journey. They throw caution to the wind, making choices throughout the day, hoping they are healthy, and wishing for the best at the end of the day. IF they track, they do it AFTER they eat. And guess what? At the end of the day… sometimes things turn out okay… but more than they want to admit… they don’t. Their fats are too high, their protein is too low, or their carbs are out of control. Their numbers are very rarely where they want them to be. And what is the consequence of this? Stalls. Regain. Never hitting their goal.

Are you throwing caution to the wind in your own weight loss journey?

I like to think of my journey as a road trip. Sometimes just getting in the car and GOING is fun… when it’s a ONE DAY thing. But when you have a destination in mind… a goal… doesn’t it make more sense to have a plan on how you are going to get there?

If I’m driving to New York, I’m not just going to hop in the car and start driving… hoping that I’ll make the right turns to get there. NO… I’ll have the entire trip planned out ahead of time. I’ll know where I’m stopping for rest. I’ll know how long I can go before I need to fuel up my car. And because I’m me… I’ll even know where the super cool restaurants are along the way. And guess what? I will get to my destination in a timely fashion. I will arrive safely at my goal.

Meal planning is your road map to your goal.

If you are making decisions on the fly, you are throwing caution and your control over your weight loss journey to the wind.

Change your approach. Just like you plan a road trip — plan your weight loss journey too. MEAL PLAN each and every day AHEAD OF TIME.

Think about it. If you plan your day ahead of time, and you track your day in My Fitness Pal, and you balance your macros and hit your protein goals, how likely are you to fail if you FOLLOW YOUR PLAN?

I say it all the time. PICK the PLAN (Or Produce the PLAN). PREP the PLAN. FOLLOW the PLAN. THE PLAN WORKS!

Don’t have time? It’s too hard? Those are excuses… and you aren’t making your health needs a priority.

Make time. Learn. Or… Let me do it for you.

Message me. Let’s get that weight loss road map put into action and let’s start heading towards your destination!