Meet The Team

Nutrition & Bariatric Coaching

Patricia Hill

Certified Nutrition Coach & Owner of My Bariatric Kitchen / Living Healthy Nutrition

Patricia is a 25-year career educator, former caterer, and amateur chef who had Bariatric Surgery in July 2016, losing a total of 128 pounds. Inspired by her own quest to lead a healthier life, she took it upon herself to learn all that she could about nutrition and how it now relates to her new tool.

Drawing upon her degrees in science and education, she enrolled in coursework and became a certified nutrition coach. In October 2016, she founded Living Healthy Nutrition and My Bariatric Kitchen to share her knowledge and experience with others. She built a team of professionals and, together, they provide resources and teach both surgical and non-surgical patients HOW to develop the skills needed to succeed.

Patricia teaches online classes on a variety of topics related to health and wellness, provides 1:1 coaching both online and in-person, and manages two monthly subscription services that offer nutrition, mindset, and fitness coaching. When she is able, she travels around the country to host dinners, retreats, and intensives, as well as speaks both in person and virtually for support groups, surgical centers, hospitals, and conferences.

Patricia also produces a popular weight loss podcast, Macros & Mindset: Bariatric Living and Beyond, with her best friend and colleague, Dr. Kristin Lloyd. She created her own ultra-healthy whey isolate protein powder, BariSuccess, that can be purchased on Amazon.

Natalie Heckert

Fitness Expert

Natalie has an awesome life story. She is a Minnesota farmer’s daughter who moved to Los Angeles to chase her fitness dream. Her accomplishments include being the successful business CEO of NATS (Nutrition & Aerobic Training Service) for 18 years, a Mrs. Minnesota finalist, a contestant on the Price is Right, she auditioned for Oprah’s “Next Big Invention”, and trained Tracey Yukich while she was on NBC’s “The Biggest Loser”. She has invented a variety of fitness products and has starred in numerous exercise videos. Natalie designed, developed, and implemented a state-of-the-art wellness center for Tastefully Simple, an Inc. 500 organization. She originated and developed a two-year Health & Fitness Specialist Degree program in partnership with the Alexandria Community & Technical College and served as an adjunct teacher.

Kristin Lloyd

Mental Health Expert

Dr. Kristin has been creating outstanding results for individuals, couples, and organizations for over 15 years as a highly-accomplished psychotherapist, transformational mindset coach, college educator, and consultant. Through her invigorating and transformative facilitation skills, Kristin has been guiding individuals, couples, and executives to achieve dramatic breakthroughs in mindset and motivation, self-confidence, productivity, commitment, interpersonal communication, conflict resolution, stress reduction, and aligning with their soul’s purpose as well as reinventing one’s future for success.

She is now leading bariatric patients and bariatric candidates through massive mindset shifts to help them create lasting behavioral habit changes, emotional adjustments to lead happy and healthy lives by keeping the weight off and adjusting to the multitude of lifestyle changes that occur following bariatric surgery. As a WLS surgery patient herself, Kristin understands firsthand the dynamics and challenges that are experienced by the WLS/bariatric patient.

Dr. Kristin is also a certified Reiki Master, certified hypnotherapist, certified EFT tapping practitioner, Somatic Experiencing Trainee, a prolific writer and is a contributing writer for Obesity Help and the Obesity Action Coalition. She is the Amazon bestselling author of “Bariatric Mindset Success“, and “Release Your Regain” Her books can be found on Amazon.